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I am a night owl and late night TV consists of many commercials hocking strange and inventive products.  Some of the items seems quite bizarre but on occasion there are some things that seem to be ingenious or at the least, useful.

But I am typically leery of things sold on TV like that.  I am also not big on catalog shopping.  Maybe I am just too tactile but there is something to being able to touch an item at the store.  Just to be able to touch, feel and evaluate an item is part of the whole buying process.  It is the part of the shopping that is therapeutic.  Perhaps that is just me, but there has to be some highlight to dragging 2 grumpy little ones through endless aisles searching through coupons for catfood and toothpaste.

Twenty some odd years ago when I was a kid, my aunt and uncle invited me along for a trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee with my cousins.  There is shopping galore in Gatlinburg and neighboring Pigeon Forge.  Everything is there from outlet malls to small tourist traps, but one of my favorite places to see were all the AS SEEN ON TV stores.  As generic as some of the items, that was the name of all of those types of stores.  They could be found up and down any major thoroughfare.

Then it happened, some incredibly intelligent salesperson understood the tactile element of shopping and for the past few years, those As Seen On TV items can be found at your neighborhood Target, Wal-Mart, CVS or Walgreens and not just in Gatlinburg.  Even Bed Bath and Beyond has an entire wall devoted to infomercial items.

I am always curious to see if these “amazing” products actually work as well as they are reported to operate.  It just so happens that science was always one of my favorite subjects in school.  I won several science fairs and went on to regional science fair one year.    So let’s consider this section of the blog a very informal Science Fair.  I plan on trying out some of these As Seen on TV items and reviewing them.  I am picking items that interest me and that I might actually use.  I am not getting paid or otherwise compensated by anyone for these.  This is just me being curious but my husband sees it as an excuse to shop!

Check back regularly and see what I have used and how it stacks up.  Feel free to comment and let me know which items you would like to see reviewed or let me know any results of products you have tried and liked or hated.

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