Force of Nature

Four years ago today, my daughter entered our lives and has unleashed her own force of nature upon the world.  She is a whirly, twirlly, fancy burst of energy.  She has captured our hearts and captivated us with her funny and insightful worldview.  “Mommy, the rain made the sun wet.”    “Belly buttons are really called silly buttons!”  “Mommy, I grew in your belly and that means we are really kangaroos!” Recently, she spilled some Cheerio s and said, “Mayday, Mayday! Cheerio down!”  She keeps us in stitches everyday.

Her birthday is the first day of spring and she is such a breath of fresh air in our lives.  She loves fiercely, speaks and sings loudly, dances frequently and lives bravely.

So today on her birthday, I think it is clearly appropriate that as we celebrate her, there is a solar eclipse, super moon, and equinox.  

So happy birthday to my sweet force of nature.

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