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When summer comes, keeping the kids entertained without allowing marathon TV watching or breaking the budget can seem daunting to near impossible. We have taken many trips to the dollar store as a result and while we do get many fun items, most of the toys do not last the riggers of active children for very long. My kids can break even the most indestructible toys. It seems like they are playing a game called “Titanic” and they are the iceberg.
Thankfully, I have found a fantastic toy that the kids love and is relatively inexpensive. When the neighborhood kids come to visit they love it too, and it provides large blocks of time for me to read without interruption clean.

This wonderful toy is the Gazillion Bubble Hurricane Machine.  It seriously produces a ton of bubbles! For $9.99 plus tax, each summer I can get anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour of the kids playing outside everyday without constant parading back and forth inside the house.  They really enjoy running through all the bubbles and play together nicely in the process.   An added bonus is that the kids don’t play with the machine itself, just the bubbles it produces so the likelihood of it breaking is decreased.  You see I said decreased, because my kids will find a way.  It think it is one of their superpowers.

A strong word of caution, use Gazillion Brand Bubbles and don’t refill with cheap bubble solution. Like many other things it pays to buy the real thing.  I will never be convinced that the generic version of toaster pastries tastes as good as the Pop Tart brand and similarly, not all bubble solutions are the same.  We used up the 4oz bottle that is provided in about 30 minutes and I added some cheap bubble solution from the dollar bin and was surprised at the difference in the production of bubbles.

Also, it does require 6 AA batteries that do not come included.  Either have some on hand or be sure to pick up a pack at the same time so that you don’t have disappointed kiddos.

Bubbles! 004 editedPin

I do need to replace it every summer because we leave it out on the back patio all year. The bubble well is open and I don’t want it carted through the house.  After awhile of sitting out in the elements the innards get a bit goopy.   Plus, it collects bugs like a pitcher plant and who wants that mess in their house?  That is just crazy talk.
Bubbles! 012 editedPinAs you can see, this bubble machine works for me and my kiddos! Check out those gazillion bubbles!



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