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Easy Pom Pom Garland

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As I was preparing for Lydia’s 3rd Birthday, I spent a lot of time searching through Pinterest for party ideas and inspiration.  She had been insistent on having a Hello Kitty party and because I knew we would have a small party at home,  I wanted to have a lot of decorations that would be unique and created by me.  And let me be honest, after 8 years of Thomas the Tank Engine, SpongeBob Squarepants, Angry Bird and Lego parties, I was ready to pinkafy a birthday!

I found many Hello Kitty party ideas on Pinterest and during one of my searches, discovered pom pom garlands.  I am a big fan of pom poms, so much so that I even made a virtual board dedicated to all things pom pom! I have crafted with pom poms many times but had never made a garland.  It was so simple and easy that I can’t believe that I hadn’t done it sooner!  And as far as decorations go, it is quite inexpensive to make yourself.

You will need a bag of pom poms, a needle, and embroidery thread.  I purchased a bag of 100 pink pom poms from Hancock Fabrics for $1.99.  Many other craft stores sell bags of pom poms most of which contain muticolors and various sizes of balls.  I knew that I wanted uniform sizes and colors and the only place I could find them was at Hancock Fabrics.  I picked a fancy (i.e. more expensive) embroidery thread because I knew it would show on my garland and it matched the color of the pom poms best, but you can go with any type of embroidery thread.  In fact, I bet fishing line would work if you were making garland and the balls all touched.   I used a needle I had on hand but was sure to pick one with a sharp point and a large eye.   It is very important to pick a needle with a sharp point.  Making the garland did not take long because I didn’t need to struggle to thread the balls together.

Once you have your materials, determine how long you want your garland to be and cut your thread accordingly.   Make a small knot on the tail end and trim the excess.  Begin to add your pom poms by spearing each one in the center with the needle.  Continue with each pom pom until your garland is the desired length and knot the end.

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It was so simple and easy that I made two while watching TV in about a half hour.

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