Confession: My Christmas Tree is STILL up!

Baby Girl hid the Christmas Tree remote in the Advent Calendar!

How bad is it that my Christmas tree is still up?!  A part of me (the child-like part) is reasonably happy and content to have the tree still up.  She says that the tree is so pretty and should stay up all year. Besides, it was so much trouble to drag all that stuff down from the attic and will be even worse trying to put it away.   Why is it that the decorations never go back into the boxes exactly the same way?   The adult (anxiety-ridden) part of me is going crazy and won’t open any of the blinds for fear that the neighbors will see and know!  We normally leave the tree up till Epiphany but that has come and gone, as has my excuse to keep the tree up.

But it is such a pretty tree and I am having a hard time parting with it.  Right now, I am just consoling myself by telling myself and anyone else who looks at me askew when they notice or ask if my tree is still up that I am just breaking it in.

It is a new tree.  I just bought it this November on Black Friday from Sears and it is fabulous!  It is a 7.5 foot Sonoma Spruce Color Switch Plus with 800 pre-strung warm white and multi LED lights.  The diameter is 54 inches at the base and a rotating tree stand although we did not make use of that feature.  The kids however loved the remote control switch which allows for turning on the three functions,  solid multi, solid white, or flashing back and forth from multi to white.  Baby girl loved the remote so much that she hid it from her big brother in one of the compartments of the advent calendar.  We were still able to turn the tree on and off at the switch underneath the tree but one gets spoiled with a remote control.  My only wish for this tree is to have it twinkle white light only or multi light only as well.   It has realistic branches that are soft plastic, not the rough, stringy pieces that you see on most artificial trees (note that the inside does have those for filler but the vast majority are the realistic branches).  I think the bottle brush (2183 PE/PVC branch tips) look nicest.  Overall, very happy with this tree but unfortunately, it will come down today!

Merry January!

Our tree with multi lights on
Our tree with clear lights



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