Shutterfly Photo Cube – New Dimensions in Cool Gifts

Facebook is one of the universe’s newest conspiracies against my time management plan.  I find that in those few moments that I have before running an errand or picking up the kids from school, I have a choice; fold the clothes that are rapidly turning into a mountain on my couch or pick up my iPhone and check on Facebook.    Facebook usually wins.  However, just before Christmas an ad popped up on my feed from Shutterfly; 20% off of Photo Cubes.  I am a huge fan of Shutterfly and have been for years.  I have bought photos, calendars, frames, and phone covers but never saw photo cubes before.  Instantly intrigued, I hopped on over to their website and was so excited at what I found.  The description said that you could take your photos and turn them into a 3 dimensional decorative wooden display.  The example looked great and upon reading further, I saw that one can choose from several different designs.

The photo cube is 4×4 and allows for 5 photos .  The coolest thing was that I could display 5 photos in a compact and unusual way!  I finally had a wonderful display option for those incredibly expensive boutique photos that I had bought the digital images (and rights to reprint them, of course).   It didn’t take long to upload my photos and assign them to a panel.  In no time I had that bad boy in my cart and was ready to have it shipped.

When it arrived, well before Christmas, I was pleasantly surprised.  The cube itself was a bit bigger than I had imagined.  What I wasn’t expecting was the missing 6th panel.  Remember back to your high school geometry class or if that is too traumatic remember your kids building blocks.  For a true cube, there are six sides but the Shutterfly Photo Cube is missing the bottom plane.  It is hollow which makes for a lighter product.  Be aware that the wood is really more like MDF (no splinters, I guess) and the pictures have a photo effect on them that is pearlescent.  Perhaps it serves as a protectant for the pictures or is simply an effect of the lamination process.  Whatever the cause or reason for it the pictures tend to lose some sharpness from the originals.  It isn’t unpleasant but just don’t expect really sharp pics on your cube.

Inside of Cibbit's Shutterfly BoxPin
The missing sixth plane…

The cubes are normally $29.99 plus tax and shipping but like in my case, Shutterfly is known to give discounts and even free shipping.  If you have time to bargain shop before you need your cube, you can always check Shutterfly’s web site regularly to see what specials they have or like them on Facebook  and see what specials pop up in your newsfeed.

I really like my Shutterfly Photo Cube.  It was a great conversation starter during the holidays.  I can see so many great gift ideas for this: Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, to document a special birthday or event.  Because mine turned out so lovely, many of my friends and relatives may get these for gifts this year!  For once Facebook may have proven more fruitful than otherwise thought.

My finished project!

Visit Shutterfly and check out the photo cubes!

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