Pillsbury Gluten Free Guilt Free too?!

It seems that now in virtually every Wal-Mart, Publix and Kroger one can find gluten free items in the most mundane of grocery stores. Our favorite and most trusted companies have begun manufacturing gluten free products for our ease and enjoyment, like Pillsbury’s new gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough and pizza dough. This became pretty important to me when my then 17 month old daughter was diagnosed as having a peanut and tree nut allergy. It has been a whirlwind learning experience (that is never over) and requires constant vigilance to read labels and ask questions. I am sure that at times I do look like Mad Eye Moody to our family members, waitresses, and whomever else tries to feed my daughter. What I have learned in the last year and a half is that many times, gluten free can be safe for peanut and tree nut allergy sufferers. This is not always the case so I highly recommend that with all products you must still read the label! With Lydia’s allergies I thought it would be nearly impossible for her to ever eat a chocolate chip cookie. If you or a loved one has a peanut and tree nut allergy then you know that chocolate in most of its normal encantations is made in a factory that also processes peanut or tree nuts. That means no chocolate chips. It was heartbreaking for me. My first word was “cookie” then “dada”. Priorities, I know! When I found the tub of gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator section at the grocery store my heart skipped a beat and I really think I held my breath as I read through the ingredients and allergy warnings. As luck would have it, there were no warnings and that little tub found it’s way into my buggy and into my refrigerator. I have bought these cookies twice now and am pretty pleased. Are they a Nestle Toll House? Not exactly, but they are yummy and my nephews at Christmas ate up almost a whole batch and never seemed to notice. At Christmas, so much of what is a holiday tradition is not safe for my allergic girl and it was nice to have out a holiday treat that was safe for her and that the nons (what I call us with no allergies) enjoy as well. They can seem a bit grainy but overall the dough makes good cookies. They fooled my very picky nephews and were all gobbled up at Christmas. Depending on the size of your cookies, it makes just over a dozen. I usually use a cookie dough scoop or a tablespoon for drop cookies. My mom baked them this last time and was able to shape the dough into a log and slice the cookies, which gave us a bigger yield. I recommend that you try the gluten free cookie dough from Pillsbury and would love to hear how you liked it.

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